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Who We Are

Cooper Testing Laboratory is an independent Geotechnical Laboratory located in Palo Alto California. We specialize in geotechnical and corrosion and water testing for the geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and construction industries. We have been serving clients in the greater Bay Area, Southern California, and Oregon and Washington States since 1987. We are equipped to perform all of the common and many advanced geotechnical tests. These advanced tests include:

  • Large-scale permeability for drain rock or other coarse-grained aggregates
  • Torsional ring shear on remolded or undisturbed samples
  • Stress path or Constant-Shear Drained triaxial
  • Ko consolidation
  • Anisotropic triaxial tests

We have the capability to run triaxial tests on samples up to 6 inches in diameter with cell pressures up to 500 psi. We can also perform many geotechnical tests on soft rock samples. If you have specialized testing needs let us know. We can run specialized tests based on published papers or procedures configured to meet you specialized requirements.

Our Commitment to Quality

All of us here at Cooper Testing Labs take pride in the work that we do. We are committed to providing the most accurate and meaningful test results for our clients. Testing is the only thing that we do. Our specialization and years of experience enable us to achieve the highest quality results with the fastest possible turnaround time. All testing is conducted in accordance with the latest specifications of the American Society For Testing Materials (ASTM), Caltrans, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or other pertinent entities.

Our Professional Qualifications

The staff at Cooper Testing Labs has over 90 years of combined experience in the geotechnical testing field. We have been involved in projects around the world and have seen and tested an extremely wide variety of soils. Read our Statement of Qualifications as a Web Page or a PDF Document.

Our Pricing

Read our current Fee Schedule as a PDF Document.