Volume Change Tests
: Consolidation
 ConsolidationASTM D2435 A full curve with at least two sets of timed readings for Cv$385.00
 ConsolidationRebound-Reload Loop(per point)$39.00
: Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation
 Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation ASTM D4186$507.00
: K₀ Consolidation
 K₀ ConsolidationFor 2-3" Diameter$658.00
: Expansion
 ExpansionShrink-Swell(ASTM D3877, modified)$161.00
 Expansion3 point Expansion Pressure Curve$161.00
 ExpansionShrink - Swell w/Expansion Pressure Curve$293.00
 ExpansionIf sample air-dried prior to testadd$28.00
: % Collapse
 % CollapseASTM D5333Modified$171.00
 % CollapseAdditional loads(per point)$39.00
: Expansion Index
 Expansion IndexASTM D4829$402.00
 Expansion IndexUBC$418.00