Strength Tests
: Unconfined Compression
 Unconfined CompressionASTM D2166 $75.00
: Soil Cement Compressive Strength
 Soil Cement Compressive Strength ASTM D1633 Precast$204.00
 Soil Cement Compressive Strength Wet Curing (Per specimen per day)$0.10
: Soil-Lime Compressive Strength
 Soil-Lime Compressive StrengthASTM D5102Precast$170.00
 Soil-Lime Compressive StrengthASTM D5102Remolded w/admix$275.00
 Soil-Lime Compressive StrengthOven curing (Per specimen per day)$2.60
: Direct Shear
 Direct ShearASTM D3080Consolidated- Drained, (CD), per point$214.00
 Direct ShearUnconsolidated-Undrained(UU) per point (Modified ASTM)$96.00
 Direct ShearConsolidated-Undrained(CU) per point (Modified ASTM)$96.00
: Isotropic Triaxial Testing
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointUnconsolidated-Undrained(UU) (ASTM D2850)$139.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointFor back pressure saturating TX-UUs add$101.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointConsolidated-Undrained no pore pressure(TX-CU)(ASTM D4767 modified)$236.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointConsolidated-UndrainedStaged 2 or 3 points, no pore pressure (TX-CU) (ASTM D4767 Modified)$472.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointConsolidated-Undrained with pore pressure (TX-CU-PP) (ASTM D4767)$482.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointConsolidated-Undrained - Staged 2 or 3 points, with pore pressure (TX-CU-PP) (ASTM D4767 Modified)$964.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointConsolidated-Drained(ASTM D7181)$615.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per point4" diameter triax undisturbed per point, add$350.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per point4" diameter triax w/ remolding per point, add$540.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per point6" diameter triax undisturbed per point, add$585.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per point6" diameter triax w/ remolding per point, add$1,130.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointFor high confining pressures (100 to 500 psi). This applies to all points in an envelope if cell pressure for one point exceeds 125 psi. per pt, add $25.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointFor K0 per point, add$267.00
 Isotropic Triaxial Testing per pointFor Anisotropic tests per point, add$171.00
: Torsional Ring Shear
 Torsional Ring ShearASTM D7608 Fully Softened Peak Strength (per point)$314.00
 Torsional Ring ShearASTM D6467 (per point)$314.00
 Torsional Ring ShearPeak & Residual (per point)$585.00
: Stress Path
 Stress Path (CSD) (Constant-Shear-Drained Triaxial)$1,650.00